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Meet some of the Team


John Houston

John Houston

Managing Director

09 274 2581
0274 931 705

The head honcho, The big cheese, The dictator, The Man, no matter what title you give him, John is the mind behind the company. Having single-handedly started CNC Machining Co over 25 years ago, John has always lead from the front, shaping the company into what it is today.

An avid golfer and fisherman, when John isn't surrounded by metal shards flying from the machines or schmoozing with new customers you will find him out on the green with 9 Iron in hand, or out on the water with rod in hand.  More recently John has been able to indulge in his next favourite past-time, travel. From a luxurious cruise through the Caribbean to the flashing lights and stageshows of Las Vegas, give him a moment or three and John will happily regale you with his travelling tales.

Ally Houston

Ally Houston

General Manager

09 274 2582
0274 931 064

Having grown up with a CNC Lathe in his garage, and a father dedicated to teaching him everything, Ally has never known a world without CNC Machines. At 8 years old, his simple drawing of what happens in a CNC machine led to CNC Machining's official logo design.

After finishing his schooling, Ally joined the family business and has steadily climbed through the ranks to become the most knowledgeable person within the company when it comes to the machines and their capabilities. In his spare time he also created CNC Machining's custom made Production Planning system, that allows us to keep up with our customers and their varied orders.

A family man with 6 children and a small lifestyle farm, it is just as well that his workaholic attitude and endless energy never lets him down.

Jayne Bevan

Jayne Bevan

Office Manager

09 274 2583
0275 626 009

Jayne's been with the company for as long as anyone can remember and has been the main cog that has kept the wheels of the machine turning. Her ready easy smile and friendly attitude makes her perfect in her role as Office Manager. Her knowledge and rapport with all of CNC Machining's Customer database is to be envied.

Although the charming English accent gives away our Jayne's origins, she is a Kiwi girl at heart. When life's circumstances whisked her away to live in Windy Wellington, CNC Machining could not bear to see her go. Now, through the wonders of modern communication technology, Jayne still keeps the wheels turning from afar as easily as she always has.

Malcolm Miller

Malcolm Miller

Quality Control Officer

09 274 2582

Malcolm is a trade certified Machine Tool Setter, Machining CNC certified, SmartCam certified and utterly certifiable. He is the Jack-of-All-Trades here at CNC Machining and has many times proven to be master of most. A determined attitude and a stickler for details, there is not much that gets past Malcolm, whether its in the Quality Control Department or CAD/CAM design, you know that he will make sure it is absolutely right.

Always determined to get a perfect finish, Malcolm also carries this through into his personal life where you will often find him out at a lake tuning and re-tuning his model boat that has given him many NZ speed titles and championships.