Dairy Industry

A stalwart of NZ's economic security, the Dairy Industry relies not just on it's livestock but also the equipment to help keep them healthy and productive. CNC Machining has well developed relationships with many producers of dairy equipment and we maintain the high quality of machined parts required for this ever-important industry


New Zealand is the world's eighth largest milk producer, with about 2.2% of world production.  In the year ending June 2011 New Zealand dairy companies processed 17.3 billion litres of milk.

The Dairy Industry is  ever-changing, developing technologies and embracing innovation. Here at CNC Machining we have been involved in the component production of Stainless Steel  Valves, Cups/Shells, Tees, Reducers and others. We have also made various components for Rotary Milking Sheds. Contact us for any of your dairy equipment needs.