About us

Who is CNC Machining the company?

CNC Machining Co Ltd are an Auckland based, family-run, company. With many years experience in the manufacture of machined components we are a competitive company in the world of engineering.

Currently running 16 cnc machines and 34 staff we have progressively grown throughout the years. Having developed our very own production planning system in-house, we know that we can control every aspect of our customers needs in the best possible manner. Our belief in investing in the future has led to both internal and external training strategies for all of our staff.

The future holds many exciting prospects for CNC machining as technological advances are leading towards better tooling capabilities, 5-axis machining, unmanned processes, and better productivity.


What is CNC Machining?




The automation inherent in CNC Machining technology makes us the logical choice for producing quality components quickly and economically. Multiple component clusters on sub plates coupled with specialised tools to machine multiple features in one process enables rapid machining with minimal operator intervention. Our bar feeding machines can allow for long periods of unmanned machining including running overnight.



CNC Machining has an inventory of 15 machines. This allows for versatility in the nature of components that we can produce at around 400,000 parts per annum. Our versatility is also seen across the range of materials we can work in, ranging from all Stainless Steels through Engineering Plastics to the more exotic Titanium, as well as all the traditional materials such as Steel, Aluminium and Brass.

Accurate Measuring(copy)


CNC Machining technology has created the environment for extreme accuracy. Our experience has taught us that the highest quality results can only be obtained on quality well maintained machines coupled with careful programming on sophisticated
Cad – Cam software. We place a high emphasis on staff training and the very best measuring technologies incorporating digital equipment including our computer controlled CMM machine.